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Hold the world in your hands and control it from your mobile phone. We create the connection between the real world and virtual reality.

Whether it is about your privacy or business matters, well-structured and easily accessible information is the key to success. That is exactly what IoT, i.e. Internet of Things, gives You: the next level of information society where immense amount of content is created by a network of various sensors and other devices.

We digitalize your life and your environment. Our „sensing” solutions are based on the collection, systematization and processing of an enormous amount of data related to location as well a physical and other attributes – whether they come from a mobile phone, different sensors or other devices with internet connection. These systems make your everyday life easier and when integrated into business processes provide You with a considerable competitive advantage.

Smart Farming

4-5 agricultural vehicle can be controlled simultaneously by one skilled operator.


24% retailers saw an increase in sales with IoT.

Smart Home

The majority of adult net users open to IoT solutions:

28% are trying any of them,

66% not all but some of them.

37% is planning installation of IoT device for the next five years will in his or her household.

IoT in Transportation and Logistics

25% of the total value is from IoT by optimizing asset utilization.

IoT in Hotel Industry

26 billion IoT connected devices will be expected in hotels.


Let’s find a solution to Your problems together! We provide customized and cost-effective industrial solutions while catering for individual needs and demands as well.

The x-Senso Platform is an innovative IoT solution in which the various telecommunication technologies can be integrated easily, which allows for meeting the various consumer demands in an effortless and cost-effective way. Whether it is about safety technology, agricultural matters, clubs and festivals, production procedures or hoteling services it is not enough to merely connect the individual devices via a network and make them communicate with one another and have them provide information, the information collected this way has to be properly processed in a way which makes it possible for You to use it as conveniently as possible to create the greatest possible amount of business value. Therefore we provide our hardware with comprehensive individual software solution – encompassing every component such as mobile applications, complete system integration, predicting motor – and satisfy our customers’ various demands.

Structure of x-Senso platform

IoT keretrendszerünk architektúráját ingyenes, open-source eszközökből építettük fel:

Built on the Apache Apollo tool, our hardware solutions communicate with the help of MQTT protocol developed specifically for IoT purposes.

The distributed streaming and complex event processing solution of Apache Flink ensures the processing of a great amount of data coming from IoT tools and sensors.

The data is stored in the Hadoop Distributed File System.

The application of ElasticSearch and Kibana tools allows for quick searching processes in the data stored as well as the viewing of search results.

With the application of Apache Spark, H2O, and R tools, you can run offline analytics on the data collected by the IoT framework and with the help of learning algorithms you can create mathematical models for predictions.

IoT sensor network

Network platform based on SIM and Bluetooth Low Energy technology, to which different sensors and other communication devices can be connected. These systems represent the future of information communication and serve as the basis of Industry 4.0 as well as the latest agricultural solutions, but they are an innovative force in the field of logistics, warehousing, security and retailing as well.

Locations-based solutions

With the help of our GPS- and sensor-based product, package, device, guest and customer allocation systems you can provide more efficient logistical solutions as well as high-quality services in sales and other fields to Your corporate and private customers while creating new marketing channels to Your already existing and prospective customers.

Micro-location solutions

With the aid of our solutions you can monitor and visualize, chronologically, the location and movement of not only persons, packages and consignments but also of all users or controlling devices. Based on this information You can easily optimize your production, logistics or even the location of your shops and counters.


Go beyond conventions! #xFASHION technology platform for modern and rebellious designers, artists and companies.

We provide solutions bringing bags, shoes, clothes and accessories to the 21st century.

In addition to the technological know-how, we provide a new business model as well. We create high-quality wearable tech products which we sell not only through the conventional channels but also via distributors not yet addressed by the fashion industry.


Let’s help each other!

For us IoT is not mere business, but passion too. An opportunity to create a better world. We are fully committed to supporting people with visual impairment, therefore when creating our solutions, we continuously strive to cater for their special needs to the highest possible extent. In an effort to make their lives more convenient, our x-Finder realization helps those with severe, medium or mild visual impairment to find their belongings with ease.

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